The Conversations on Racial Healing workshop consists of nine sessions of information sharing and discussion. For an overview of workshop topics, CLICK HERE.

The workshops provide a safe space to learn more about and to discuss our experiences with racism.  At the beginning of each session, the facilitator reads aloud the Sharing Mission and everyone agrees to maintain a safe environment in our conversations.

During the first session called “Introduction: defining prejudice and racism” we review some terminology used in the remainder of the workshops: Definitions of Key Terms and Definitions of Types of Racism.

In each session, the facilitators present information on a specific topic regarding racism, pose a few questions to the participants, then lead the participants in a discussion related to the topic.  By taking part in these discussions, participants learn from each other and get to know each other — with the goal of taking action to rid the world of racism and other forms of prejudice.

We invite you to join one of our workshops! In the meantime, we have compiled lists of books, videos and websites that examine the disease of racism and how we can heal from its effects.  Click on one of the links below for more information:


Please check back here frequently as we build these links!  If you have suggestions, please email them to us.


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