Studies about Racial Bias in Education

Educational Racism: Findings from Current Research
Compiled by Dr. Erin Ambrose, William Jessup University, 2017

Raising Race Questions: Whiteness & Inquiry in Education
by Ali Michael, 2015

Educating Everybody’s Children: Diverse Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners, Revised and Expanded Second Edition
by Robert Cole, 2008

Predicting Academic Achievement from Classroom Behaviors
by Cynthia Flynt, 2008

The Science of Equality, Volume 1: Addressing Implicit Bias, racial and Stereotype Threat in Education and Health Care
(ideas for ways to change perception of stereotypes starts on page 44 Interventions):

Did you know that …

  • 62% of college undergraduates are white, but they receive 69% of private scholarships nationwide
  • 38% of college undergraduates are people of color, but they receive 31% of private scholarships nationwide
  • white students are 40% more likely to receive aid than students of color
    – source: Nolan L. Cabrera, University of Arizona, and

Sacramento Bee article: “West Campus beats the odds again on new statewide tests” – October 17, 2015
South Sacramento school had highest local share of high schoolers meeting state math standards

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