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Donate to our KIVA Loan Fund so we can make more loans like this!

Greetings from Bolivia! This is Cipriano, a dairy farmer from La Paz who is also a widower with 2 young daughters. Thanks to his loan from Kiva, he has been able to purchase more cows to milk and increase his income for his family. Please consider a tax deductible contribution to our Microcredit KIVA Loan Fund. You contribution will help us expand our loans like this one. 100% of the money you donate will be loaned by Global Marketplace to groups via our KIVA Microcredit Loan Fund. If you make your donation today you can deduct it on your 2014...

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The Wendwaogo Mogtedo group in Burkina Faso has Repaid their Loan!

Many loans found on Kiva are group loans that are divided up between multiple borrowers who live in the same community. The groups support each other, share knowledge and provide encouragement to pay back the loans. The Wendwaogo Mogtedo group in Burkina Faso is made up of all female rice producers and they have successfully repaid their loan! Please consider a tax deductible contribution to our Microcredit KIVA Loan Fund. You contribution will help us expand our loans like this one. Just go to:  

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Greetings from Zimbabwe!

 Meet an all-star borrower from Kiva Field Partner CamFed: Dadirai, a 21 year-old mother committed to helping young women in her rural community as they seek economic empowerment. She runs her own business, takes care of her family and simultaneously serves as the Cama District chairperson representing young women in her community.

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KIVA Small Loan Helps Guatemala Family Business

Siblings Priscilla and Elias trace their roots to a village that literally means ‘the Land of Flowers’. Through hard work and dedication, they’ve been able to expand their Land of Flowers well beyond the small area of Guatemala that their grandmother started selling flowers from in the 1920s. To help continue their success, a Kiva loan will finance a delivery van, allowing them to cater clients at larger events.  

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Check out Kiva’s Field Partner Living Goods!

Living Goods develops and educates networks of micro-entrepreneurs in family health and supports the distribution of life-improving products such as clean cookstoves, water filters, solar lights,… and simple treatments for malaria and diarrhea. With their innovative entrepreneurship model, communities can improve their standard of living, reduce household expenses and carbon footprints, and create sustainable income opportunities.  

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Helping Women can End Poverty in the Develping World

Group loans are popular among Kiva borrowers because of the incredible support they receive from the group. The Mujeres Nuevo Amanacer Group from Guatemala attend monthly trainings on effective business practices, nutrition and health, wome…n’s rights and self-esteem, as well as workshops on organic fertilization and crop rotation practices provided by our partner Friendship Bridge. Support female entrepreneurs: These loans help these women support their families and get them out of poverty. Global Marketplace has a KIVA loan program you can contribute to. Just click on the KIVA MICROCREDIT LOAN link at the top of our home page to learn...

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KIVA Loan 100% Repaid!

Success!! This loan was 100% repaid. A loan of $200 that Global Marketplace helped make helped Sonia to buy more cheese and yogurt for her wholesale food business. Sonia, 37, is an exemplary mother. She lives with her husband, Juan Carlos. They have 2 children, Milagros and Juan, whom they are raising in her grandmother’s house, located in the district of Huachac, Peru. For more information about our KIVA Loan Program and how you can help click on the link above.

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Our Kiva Loan Program

KIVA Loan Program   We just received this note from Kiva regarding our microcredit loan fund. Thanks to all who have contributed. Just a quick note to say… thanks! You may not know it, but all of the loans you’ve made put you in the top 1% of lenders for …2013! Amazing! Supporters like you inspire us each and every day. Every time you lend, make a donation, or invite a friend to join Kiva, you make a difference. You’re the reason we’ve been able to reach 1 million borrowers worldwide — and counting. Best wishes, The Kiva Team

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Happy Holiday Message from SMT Team

Dear, We are wishing you HAPPY HOLIDAYS and best wishes for a joyful and prosperous New Year 2014. On behalf of the borrowers we serve, we will like to THANK YOU ALL, for supporting the people of Sierra Leone through Salone Microfinance Trust (SMT). We say:  thank you, thank you, thank you. Best wishes, The SMT Team! Salone Microfinance Trust (SMT), a partner of ChildFund International Posted by Ibrahim Oumarr Jalloh from Waterloo, Sierra Leone Dec 30, 2013

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Loan to Saumu 100% Repaid

The loan was 100% repaid. A loan of $200 helped Saumu to purchase additional stocks of clothes. Saumu lives in the coastal town of Mombasa, Kenya. She has owned and operated a clothing store for three years. She started the business through a loan from her brother, after divorcing her husband. Saumu also operates a food stall that is located at a strategic point along the street. be in a position to open other stores in the future.